OneBlockMC: Getting ready for Christmas!

OneBlock MC
OneBlockMC: Getting ready for Christmas!

December is here already! As the world prepares for Christmas, OneBlock is joining in with the celebrations this year, we would love to extend a warm welcome for everyone to join us in the countdown to the big day!

We have a lot planned and a lot more to come, check out below to find out how to get involved this holiday season:

New Hub Build

The Hub has been visited by some of Santa's Helpers who have worked to transform it into a winter wonderland. If this does not get you into the festive mood then we don't know what will!

A huge thanks to the Build Team for the amazing work here! (wlovisa, Finny_os, hulull, sofiesunflowers, ories and Lines3)

Advent Calendar

There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and rushing to open that door on your Advent Calendar, sadly we cannot send everyone chocolate however we can spoil everyone with FREE items in-game every single day!

To claim your FREE item every day simply log in and run /adventcalendar on any realm! (You can also use /acalendar and /calendar)

Keep in mind if you miss a day you will not be able to claim that prize so remember to log in every single day.

How the new Advent Calendar looks!

December Monthly Crates

We have just released some of the best monthly crates OneBlock has ever had. Check them out below as well as on the store!

These crates are packed with exclusive items such as the Polar Bear disguise, Santa /spray as well as limited time tags and trails. Don't miss out!








We are excited to share more plans with you as we get closer to Christmas Day!

Join us on our Discord server! ->

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