OneBlock Galaxy: A Step Into The Future

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Galaxy: A Step Into The Future

A revamped OneBlock experience with all new Planets and Bosses. Learn more about the Galaxy realm below. Join us for the release of Galaxy this Saturday at 6PM UK // 1PM EST.

Spawn for Galaxy Realm

With the overwhelming success of Abyss, it has highlighted the demand for higher-version servers. With this in mind we have created an all new 1.18+ realm. OneBlock Galaxy will double our capacity for higher version servers. Check out the awesome features that Galaxy has coming:


Galaxy will have a dual economy consisting of both Cactus farming and mining ores at /planets.

Galaxy will not be using our Shuffle Shop system, all items will be available in the /shop permanently meaning you can buy and sell items whenever you like.


What's a galaxy without planets? OneBlock Galaxy will be home to the brand new Planet system designed exclusively for Galaxy. While mining on these planets the amount of McMMO Mining XP you gain will be boosted.

To start your journey simply type /planets and select the Beginner planet!

The more players in the Planet the higher the boost!

What are Planets?

Planets are a great way to make money by simply just mining the ores found within them. Once an ore is mined you will receive the money directly into your balance. You can unlock higher value planets by merely mining the ores found within. The higher the level of the planet, the more money you will make!


How many Planets are there?

Currently there are 4 planets, each one better than the last. Legend has it that only the bravest of OneBlockers can get to the Crimson planet. Each planet contains different ores, the better the ore the more money you will receive:

  • Beginner Planet - Coal Ore
Views of the Beginner Planet
  • Adventure Planet - Copper Ore
Views of the Adventure Planet
  • Forest Planet - Iron Ore
Views of the Forest Planet
  • Crimson Planet - Redstone Ore
Views of the Crimson Planet

How do I unlock the next Planet?

Simple, all you need to do is mine ores in the Beginner planet. In order to unlock the Adventure planet you need to mine a certain number of ores, to check your progress just hover over the Adventure planet in /planets and it will show you your progress.

Once you have mined enough ores, the numbers will show up green and you will get a message in chat letting you know that you can now visit the next Planet.

Running /planet will take you to your highest unlocked planet automatically!

Planet Boosters

If you would like that extra edge while mining on a Planet you can purchase a Money Booster from our store. These boosters will boost the amount of money you gain from ores within the planet it's activated on. This boost will apply to everyone currently on that planet so everyone can benefit from your generosity!

Planet Boosters


Galaxy will come with our new Boss system, these bosses will spawn at set times throughout the day. If you would rather not wait you can pick up a Starter Bundle on the store which contain 3 Boss Lures. Simply click this item in the boss world to spawn a boss of your choice.

These bosses are no walk in the park, make sure to come prepared to fight. If you manage to defeat the Boss, they will reluctantly give out some Boss Keys. These Keys will be split between the people who did the most damage.

We will be releasing with 2 exciting new Bosses:

  • Titan Boss
  • Yeti Boss

To see when the next Boss is or to view more information you can with /boss!

Boss spawn times!


In a throwback to Adventure and Forest we have decided to keep the core OneBlock experience much unchanged. Galaxy will only have the overworld Oneblock with a total of 16 phases.

Complete all of your /phases for a special reward!

Chunk Loaders

A brand new feature coming to Galaxy is the addition of Chunk Loaders. As the name suggests these handy little things will load the chunk and AFK for you. We recognise that not everyone has the ability to have accounts online to AFK farms so with the addition of Chunk Loaders we hope that this helps to level the playing field. We may add back a AFK kicker in the future so make sure you take full advantage of Chunk Loaders.

Chunk Loaders will cost $500,000 to buy and $20,000 to run per hour per Chunk Loader. You will be able to have up to 50 Chunk Loaders on your OneBlock.

Chunk Loaders will have 2 available modes once spawned. Each mode will change how much the Chunk Loader can AFK:

  • Mob Spawner Chunk Loader - Will AFK all mob spawners within 32 blocks of the Chunk Loader.
  • Cactus Chunk Loader - Will AFK a 5x5 Chunk area around the Chunk Loader

To get started with Chunk Loaders simply go to your OneBlock and type /chunkloaders.

Chunk Loaders will be enabled after a 7 day grace period

Chunk Loader in action!

Island Prestige System

Galaxy will use the same Prestige System that has shown success on Abyss. Island Prestige allows everyone to level their island up. You can prestige all the way up to Prestige 10. Instead of having your island full of ore blocks, Galaxy is also introducing a Void Chest, which is given to you when you first create your island. The Void Chest can only be used by you, and cannot be traded/thrown/sold, etc. No more emerald towers needed! The top 3 islands with the highest island level, will have their very own NPC at spawn displayed for all the players to see - Visit this area via /warp top.

Prestige Levels

To prestige your island up a level you need to run the command /prestigetwice. A prompt will appear confirming if you would like to prestige. Each prestige rank costs a certain amount of island levels, which will be deducted from your island-level total when ranking up:

0 - You start out at this rank!
I - 20,000 levels - 1.1x multiplier
II - 40,000 levels - 1.2x multiplier
III - 60,000 levels - 1.3x multiplier
IV - 80,000 levels - 1.4x multiplier
V - 100,000 levels - 1.5x multiplier
VI - 150,000 levels - 1.6x multiplier
VII - 200,000 levels - 1.7x multiplier
VIII - 250,000 levels - 1.85x multiplier
IX - 350,000 levels - 1.9x multiplier
X - 500,000 levels - 2.0x multiplier

The Prestige System offers a multiplier that increases with higher prestige levels. Each prestige level will multiply the amount of island levels that the island gets when blocks are placed into the Void Chest.

Prestige 1 gives a 1.1x multiplier.

In addition to the Prestige System, every member of an island will receive a prefix next to their name stating what prestige level they are.

Void Chest

As stated above, we are implementing a quality of life feature to allow our players to easily level up their island without placing a single block! The owner and sub-owner of every island will receive a Void Chest where only they are able to put valuable blocks in it. Valuable blocks (Netherite, Emerald, Diamond, etc.) that are entered into this chest will automatically be consumed and count towards your island level. Right-click your Void Chest anywhere to open up its GUI.

You get this as soon as you type /ob!


The long awaited Omni-Tool allows you to harvest any block in one easy to use tool. The tools included in this tool are; pickaxe, axe, shovel, shears and a hoe. Simply mine your OneBlock with this tool without having to switch. This game changer feature will be available in our /store!

Omni-Tool in action!

Chunk Hoppers

Another long awaited feature are Chunk Hoppers! These hoppers that pick up any item that has been filtered to, to pick up in that chunk. It can store up to 54 stacks of items and transfers 6 stacks every 4 seconds to another chest. Obtain these Chunk Hoppers through the ingame /shop!

Chunk Hopper

When shift-clicking your chunk hopper, the GUI has an easy to use function to ensure it is only collecting the items you want it to.

When adding an item to the filter a prompt in chat will appear instructing you exactly what to do, if you take too long, it will time out so no need to worry if you accidentally click on it!

Additionally, you are able to upgrade your Chunk Hopper to allow more stacks to be passed through every 4 seconds. This will cost $250,000 per upgrade all the way up to 20 stacks!

If you wish to move your Chunk Hopper that has been upgraded, breaking it will return it to you with the same upgrade.

Sell Chests

Sell Chests allow for items to be automatically sold through the /shop when placed into it. Items not sellable will be destroyed when placed in to this chest, so be careful! Any items being sold through this chest will have a 15% tax. Obtain the Sell Chest through Vote and Galactic Keys! Rank sell boosts are not applicable to Sell Chests.

Sell Chest

Using Chunk Hoppers with Sell Chests

We made it possible to connect any Chunk Hoppers with a Sell Chest, perfect for large farms! Simply put the Chunk Hopper on top of the Sell Chest - Sell Chests placed directly below the Sell Chest that is connected to the Chunk Hopper will act as if there are hoppers in-between them, without the need of actually having them there. Additionally, Chunk  Hoppers work with normal chests.

Black Market

This exciting new addition to OneBlock is a limited time feature that appears once a week for a short amount of time to sell items. The items that can be sold here will either be items that cannot normally be sold in the /shop, or it will offer prices that are significantly higher than what they can be sold for normally. This merchant is said to be hiding somewhere high in spawn, keep an eye out in chat for when the Shady Merchant arrives!

Future Notice

Due to the recent success with higher version servers we are focusing our efforts on these for now. This means Galaxy has a high chance of having resets! Any potential future resets will be no earlier than 6 months from release. This allows us to keep bringing fresh new content to the server, as well as keeping this realm balanced and updated. We are highly excited to share this new journey with all of you!

Forest and Adventure Reminder

As mentioned before if you had any Cosmetics unlocked on either Forest or Adventure, these will be automatically transferred over to Galaxy and will be ready and waiting for you. A full list of what will be transferred can be found below:

  • Ranks
  • Kits
  • Cosmetics (Sprays, Kill Effects and Trails)
  • Tags
  • Emotes
  • Chat Emotes (<3 & :x)
  • Chat Color
  • Fix all Command
  • Skull Command
  • Nick Command
  • Disguises

Additionally, If you bought any of the following store items recently on either Forest or Adventure we will be resending these on Galaxy for you:

  • Trick or Treat Crates
  • October Monthly Crate
  • November Monthly Crate

Additional Features & Changes

  • Custom Enchants
  • Daily Bonus
  • Chat events
  • Generators (including 3 brand new ones!)
  • Envoys
  • KOTH, PvP
  • Bounties
  • Showcase
  • Private Vaults
  • Tags
  • Disguises
  • Auction House
  • Trading
  • Credit Shop
  • Pets
  • Stacked Spawners
  • New OB /limits to display your OB limits
  • Safari Nets
  • Removed 250x250 island upgrade option

and much more!

Forest and Adventure Competition Winners!

Please find below the winners of the Forest and Adventure competition. If you won a prize first of all Congratulations! You do not need to do anything, your prize will be given out within the first few hours of Galaxy.

Final Screenshots

A big thank you to everyone who came to say goodbye to Forest and Adventure. So many memories were made that day. As promised here are the final screenshots taken of everyone online during the final moments.

Forest Realm - Don't Forget Your Roots
Adventure Realm - The End Of Our Adventure

Forest Competition Winners:

Highest Balance:

  • Won by AbsoIute!

OB Top:

  • 1st Place - Ammex (Teammates: tacowooody, fortressgames)
  • 2nd Place - TriflingToad5511 (Teammates: Blades77, Fit2, _Fit2_, TrifilingToad5510)
  • 3rd Place - Plunes (Teammates: *sofistickbug)

Prettiest island:

  • Won by eLiTeSoUlJeR99!
  • Honourable mention to Kendrickfan420 and TriflingToad5511!

McMMO Top:

  • 1st Place - AbsoIute
  • 2nd Place - titzx
  • 3rd Place - Ammex

Adventure Competition Winners:

Highest Balance:

  • Won by *Meruboy56!

Prettiest island:

  • Won by Cheiff_!
  • Honourable mention to Potatoandbean, Zzpan and Marislovely!

McMMO Top:

  • 1st Place - *Meruboy56
  • 2nd Place - Sussy_Amongusman
  • 3rd Place - ThisLuckyGod

Closing Note

We hope you are all as excited as we are about the new galaxy realm and we look forward to letting everyone experience what we have been working on for the last couple months. We could not do anything without all your support!

Join us on our Discord server! ->

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