Free Iron Rank, Auction House, 1.8 Combat & More

OneBlock MC
Free Iron Rank, Auction House, 1.8 Combat & More

Welcome to the first update post from OneBlock MC 😎

We opened on Tuesday night, becoming one of the first Minecraft servers to offer the OneBlock gamemode!

As of this post, 350 members have already played – welcome everybody!

Free Iron Rank

The free Iron Rank is now available to claim from our store.

It includes a fancy new badge & an extra home!

Credits are also now available from our store. These can be used in-game in the /credits shop to purchase Memberships & Crate Keys!

Redstone Membership one block
Redstone Membership

Thank you to those that have already supported us! We have our first streamer joining us at the weekend, who could it be...?

Logo Designs
Logo Designs

Our first logo is coming soon, what do you think?  Let us know on Discord.

Auction House

You can now buy & sell from other players using our new Auction House!

Type /ah to browse the auctions. List an auction with /ah sell <price> with an item in your hand.

auction house sell minecraft items
OneBlock MC Auction House

1.8 Combat

After popular demand, 1.8 combat is now enabled on the server.

The off hand and other great features from 1.9 are still available.

Time to step into the arena?!

Coming Soon

  • Custom Generators
  • Boss Fights
  • Minions

Play the popular OneBlock MC Minecraft Server now! IP:

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