Custom Enchant Update

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Custom Enchant Update

Happy Weekend OneBlock friends! Today we are excited to announce an update to our Custom Enchants system. We have made some changes to existing enchants, added new ones, and we are even introducing a brand new Tinkering function! Along with these updates we are also making some long awaited changes to how McMMO and Axes work in PvP and adding a brand new Heroic Enchant Scroll. Read all about it below!

New Custom Enchants

With this update we are introducing 5 new and exciting Custom Enchants!


This enchant has a chance to make you invisible when hit by a player in PvP. The enchant also removes any trails and particles!

Rarity: Legendary
Levels: 1-3
Applies to: Chestplate
Level 1: Turns you invisible for 3 seconds, 2% proc chance upon being hit
Level 2: Turns you invisible for 4 seconds, 2% proc chance upon being hit
Level 3: Turns you invisible for 5 seconds, 2% proc chance upon being hit


Implants keeps you fed, so you can spend your time doing other things!

Rarity: Elite
Levels: 1-5
Applied to: Helmet
Description: Restores hunger to the player
Level 1: Restores 2 hungerbars every 30 seconds
Level 2: Restores 2 hungerbars every 25 seconds
Level 3: Restores 2 hungerbars every 20 seconds
Level 4: Restores 3 hungerbars every 15 seconds
Level 5: Restores 3 hungerbars every 10 seconds


This enchant automatically moves any drops from mobs you kill into your inventory

Rarity: Heroic
Levels: 1
Applied to: Swords
Description: Items dropped by mobs are automatically put in the players inventory
Level 1: Puts items dropped by mobs killed with the sword in your inventory

Thick Skin

Ever died while making your cactus farm? Good news! This custom enchant will help you not take damage from them.

Rarity: Unique
Levels: 1
Applied to: Leggings
Description: Makes the player immune to damage from Cactus and Berry Bushes
Level 1: Makes you immune to damage from Cactus and Berry Bushes

Potato Planter

We've heard your pleas, finally Potato Planter is back! We have also made it work in a bigger area.

Rarity: Unique
Levels: 3
Applied to: Hoe
Description: Plants potatoes in an area around the player by shift clicking (Does not stack with other Planter type Custom Enchants.
Level 1: 100% activation, 3x3 area
Level 2: 100% activation, 4x4 area
Level 3: 100% activation, 5x5 area

Changes to existing Custom Enchants

Some custom enchants needed a little updating and rebalancing. We have made the following changes:


  • Added a 3rd level to the Enchant that grants the Speed III effect


  • Now useable on Shears

Carrot Planter + Planter

  • Added 2 more levels to the CE, level 2 now plants in a 4x4 area and level 3 in a 5x5 area
  • Moved from a Simple enchant to a Unique enchant
  • Can no longer be combined with other Planter Custom Enchants

New Heroic Enchant Scroll

We have heard your pleas, and we're finally introducing a Heroic Enchant Scroll. This scroll will be able to remove Legendary and Heroic enchants only. The scroll will be available from the Scroll Bundle on our store. The price of the bundle has also been lowered $10!

Tinkering System

The Tinkerer is back! In the /ce menu, there is a brand new button that allows you to trade with the Tinkerer. You can also use the new /tinkerer command to open it. The Tinkerer will buy your unwanted Custom Enchants, and give you back a percentage of the cost of the Custom Enchant in the form of exp.

To trade with the Tinkerer, click the symbol to open the shop. From there you can deposit the Custom Enchants you wish to trade in. Be warned, once you've confirmed the trade, you cannot reverse it!

After you confirm the trade, the Tinkerer will notify you in chat how much exp you've been paid:

McMMO Axe Levels

For a while now, many of you have given us feedback that high Axe McMMO levels have been making PvP unfair for new players, and that it breaks armor too fast, making PvP a matter of breaking armor as quick as possible, rather than actually PvPing.

In order to balance out the amount of damage and armor breaking we have added a cap on the amount of axe levels at 750. As a result of this everyone has been set down to 750 levels. This was necessary for us to do in order to ensure that PvP can still be enjoyed by everyone.

We will monitor the values of this going forward, but hopefully this should make PvP a little more interesting!

Note: this mcMMO change will be effective from your realms next reboot

We hope you enjoy the update, happy enchanting!

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