New 1.18 OneBlock Realm, Abyss!

OneBlock MC
New 1.18 OneBlock Realm, Abyss!

A multidimensional OneBlock experience with new phases and boss fights. Learn more about the Abyss realm and play now.

In light of the community’s overwhelming desire for a new realm, we are introducing a new OneBlock realm - Abyss!

Our newest development, OneBlock 2.0, introduces never before seen features to OneBlock Minecraft. The most distinguishable and exciting difference this realm has to offer in comparison to any other OneBlock gamemode is the all new multidimensional OneBlock experience - with all new phases and bossfights included!

New Worlds and Phases

Unlike any other OneBlock gamemode, Abyss allows for progression into both the Nether and End worlds. Each world (Overworld, Nether and End) have their own OneBlock that you must complete before moving onto the next. Additionally, the Overworld has a boss fight that you must fight in order to unlock the next world.


Phases: Underground, Winter, Desert, Ocean, Jungle, Mushroom Forest, Mesa, Peak, Lush Cave, Meadow and Cave.
Image from Gyazo
Underground, Winter, Desert, Ocean, Jungle, Mushroom Forest and Mesa Blocks
Image from Gyazo
Peak, Lush Cave, Meadow and Cave Blocks

Similar to OneBlock's other realms, you must mine through each phase to move on to the next one. You can check your current OneBlock phase progress by running /ob phases in-game. You cannot return to previous phases until you have completed that world. At the end of the Overworld, you must defeat the Wither Boss to unlock your Nether OneBlock (read below under The Wither Boss).

The Nether

Phases: Soul, Fortress, Nether Forest and Delta.

Once you have mined through all 15,000 blocks of the Overworld, you will unlock the Nether OneBlock. To unlock the Nether OneBlock, you simply have to make a nether portal on your island. You will not be able to enter the Nether OneBlock until it is unlocked. Luckily, there is no boss to defeat at the end of the Nether OneBlock!

The End

Phases: End

Once you have mined through all 15,000 blocks of the Nether OneBlock, you will unlock the End Oneblock. To get to your End OneBlock you will need to purchase end portal frames from the /shop and place them down correctly. Remember, you cannot pick these frames back up so be mindful of where you place them!

Once you have mined through all 15,000 blocks of your End OneBlock, you will be rewarded with an exclusive Dragon Head, as seen below.

Dragon Head award for completing all island worlds & phases

The Wither Boss

As stated above, a Wither boss will need to be defeated to progress to the Nether World. An announcement in chat will mention that you have completed all Overworld Phases and have unlocked the Wither Boss.

When running the command /unlockboss wither - you will be given a custom item to place down which will summon the Wither. Once you have successfully defeated the Boss, another announcement will appear in chat that you have completed the Overworld.

Island Prestige System

Abyss has a unique Prestige System that allows every OneBlock island to level their island up. You can prestige all the way up to Prestige 10. Instead of having your island full of ore blocks, Abyss is also introducing a Void Chest, which is given to you when you first create your island. The Void Chest can only be used by you, and cannot be traded/thrown/sold, etc. No more emerald towers needed! The top 3 islands with the highest island level, will have their very own NPC at spawn displayed for all the players to see - Visit this area via /warp top.

Only the island owners will be displayed

Prestige Levels

To prestige your island up a level you need to run the command /prestige twice. A prompt will appear confirming if you would like to prestige. Each prestige rank costs a certain amount of island levels, which will be deducted from your island-level total when ranking up:

0 - You start out at this rank!
I - 20,000 levels - 1.1x multiplier
II - 40,000 levels - 1.2x multiplier
III - 60,000 levels - 1.3x multiplier
IV - 80,000 levels - 1.4x multiplier
V - 100,000 levels - 1.5x multiplier
VI - 150,000 levels - 1.6x multiplier
VII - 200,000 levels - 1.7x multiplier
VIII - 250,000 levels - 1.85x multiplier
IX - 350,000 levels - 1.9x multiplier
X - 500,000 levels - 2.0x multiplier

The Prestige System offers a multiplier that increases with higher prestige levels. Each prestige level will multiply the amount of island levels that the island gets when blocks are placed into the Void Chest.

Prestige 1 gives a 1.1x multiplier.

In addition to the Prestige System, every member of an island will receive a prefix next to their name stating what prestige level they are.

Void Chest

As stated above, we are implementing a quality of life feature to allow our players to easily level up their island without placing a single block! The owner and sub-owner of every island will receive a Void Chest where only they are able to put valuable blocks in it. Valuable blocks (Netherite, Emerald, Diamond, etc.) that are entered into this chest will automatically be consumed and count towards your island level. Right-click your Void Chest anywhere to open up its GUI.

You get this as soon as you type /ob!

After doing this you will get a pop up in chat informing you that your island level has increased.


The long awaited Omni-Tool allows you to harvest any block in one easy to use tool. The tools included in this tool are; pickaxe, axe, shovel, shears and a hoe. Simply mine your OneBlock with this tool without having to switch. This game changer feature will be available in our /store!

Chunk Hoppers

Another long awaited feature are Chunk Hoppers! These hoppers that pick up any item that has been filtered to, to pick up in that chunk. It can store up to 54 stacks of items and transfers 6 stacks every 4 seconds to another chest. Obtain these Chunk Hoppers through the /shop!

When shift-clicking your chunk hopper, the GUI has an easy to use function to ensure it is only collecting the items you want it to.

When adding an item to the filter a prompt in chat will appear instructing you exactly what to do, if you take too long, it will time out so no need to worry if you accidentally click on it!

Additionally, you are able to upgrade your Chunk Hopper to allow more stacks to be passed through every 4 seconds. This will cost $250,000 per upgrade all the way up to 20 stacks!

If you wish to move your Chunk Hopper that has been upgraded, breaking it will return it to you with the same upgrade.

Sell Chests

Sell Chests allow for items to be automatically sold through the /shop when placed into it. Items not sellable will be destroyed when placed in to this chest, so be careful! Any items being sold through this chest will have a 10% tax. Obtain the Sell Chest through Vote and Void Keys! Rank sell boosts are not applicable to Sell Chests.

Using Chunk Hoppers with Sell Chests

We made it possible to connect any Chunk Hoppers with a Sell Chest, perfect for large farms! Simply put the Chunk Hopper on top of the Sell Chest - Sell Chests placed directly below the Sell Chest that is connected to the Chunk Hopper will act as if there are hoppers in-between them, without the need of actually having them there. Additionally, Chunk  Hoppers work with normal chests.

Stacked Spawners

Stacked Spawners allow you to stack the same type of Spawner up to 64. Simply place a Spawner down and place the same type near it for it to stack! You can speed this process up by sneaking (shift) while placing to place all the spawners in your hand.

Clicking the Spawner will show you how many there currently are in a stack where-as shift-clicking while you are breaking one will break and return the entire stack back to you.

Black Market

This exciting new addition to OneBlock is a limited time feature that appears once a week for a short amount of time to sell items. The items that can be sold here will either be items that cannot normally be sold in the /shop, or it will offer prices that are significantly higher than what they can be sold for normally. This merchant is said to be hiding somewhere high in spawn, keep an eye out in chat for when the Shady Merchant arrives!

Paradise Realm

With the addition of Abyss we must unfortunately part ways with the Paradise realm. For the players that have been a part of the Paradise Community for a long time, we will be compensating you by giving any store-bought crate on Paradise to Abyss, if purchased within the past 2 months (please make a ticket to claim these), any of your ranks and cosmetics and even your showcase's over to Abyss. Players that have a balance of over $50,000 in Paradise will be given the #RIPParadise tag on Abyss. We understand that removing Paradise will cause grief, however we are excited to bring this exciting new change to OneBlock.

Moving Forward

In light of Abyss' release, we are aiming to add more custom features with the potential of updating this realm to newer minecraft versions. This means Abyss has a high chance of having resets - The first realm to have this! Any potential future resets will be no earlier than 6 months from release. This allows us to keep bringing fresh new content to the server, as well as keeping this realm balanced. We are highly excited to share this new journey with all of you!

Additional Features

Along with all of Abyss' new features, we are bringing over your beloved features from other realms such as:

  • Custom Enchants
  • Daily Bonus
  • Chat events
  • Generators
  • Envoys
  • KOTH, PvP
  • Bounties
  • Showcase
  • Private Vaults
  • Tags
  • Disguises
  • Auction House
  • Trading
  • Credit Shop

and much more!


We greatly appreciate the support of our players, and cannot wait for you to experience OneBlock's biggest update yet!

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