Duels, Safari Nets & Credits Update

Duels, Safari Nets & Credits Update

This week we have a few new features that have been highly requested!


You can now your friends & foes without losing your items. There are currently 7 arenas available with some popular duel kits such as NoDebuff, Iron, Gapple and Archer.

/duel <$> (Duel with a wager)

Minecraft Safari Nets
Minecraft Safari Nets

Safari Nets

Available now in the /shop for just $1,000 each, safari nets are perfect for transporting mobs (which we all know aren't so keen to move on their own 😛)

Credits Revamped

The Credits Shop has been revamped with lots of new perks including Disguises, Powerups and much more. Check out it with /credits shop

Support OneBlock MC and top up your Credits: https://store.oneblockmc.com/category/credits

Start playing our popular One Block game on Minecraft now. IP: play.oneblockmc.com

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